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Thanks to the suite of integrated and modular products based on cloud, sensing, and RFID technologies, we produce innovative solutions based on the return on investment, thus solving the specific needs of the city, private/public entities, and those in charge of management, as well as control of all administrative and operational processes related to mobility, parking, and urban logistics.

Infoparking: reducing traffic is possible

Reducing urban traffic by up to 30% and limiting the number of vehicles circulating in search of free parking: thanks to the use of sensors it is possible to guide drivers directly to available parking spots, thus optimizing the city’s parking infrastructure and recovering up to 40% of the revenue that would otherwise be lost.

Loading and unloading of goods: easier management and controls

A complete answer for the management and control of transit permits for vehicles used to transport goods in the city. Based on RFID technology and easily integrated with other LTZ control systems, it is possible to check compliance with municipal regulations regarding pre-established time slots and routes permitted for loading/unloading activities.

Disabled Person’s Pass: stops counterfeiting and facilitates faster checks

Solving the issue of counterfeiting and the misuse of parking and transit permits reserved for disabled people is now possible. The CUDE (European unified disabled card) replaces the old paper permits and is equipped with a simple RFID tag which makes it impossible to counterfeit and easy to verify both by road control personnel and by the LTZ access points.

Tourist buses: digitization and transparency of revenues

Centralizing the reservation, sale, and control of transit and parking permits for tourist buses through a single platform: all management processes are digitized and the reservation/sale of permits can be done at any time directly online with greater transparency and optimization of revenues.

LTZ: efficient management and greater environmental protection

To limit the impact of circulating vehicles in the city with regard to traffic and the environment, local administrations are increasingly controlling areas of particular urban importance through LTZ-approved systems.

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