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The public-private partnership is an increasingly effective tool for the Public Administration, with benefits from the point of view of savings for the institution and the improvement of services for citizens.

We manage essential services for Municipalities by participating in risks, using project funding and contributing with economic, professional and technological resources.

Thanks to a team of professionals who know the municipal processes, to the technology developed within the Engineering Group and to the financial solidity, we are able to support the local administration in implementing innovative projects and services which are self-financing over time with an economic and financial plan validated by a certifying Body.

Thus, administrators can really implement change programs, the Public Administration can innovate with ideas from the market, in compliance with public evidence and without increasing costs.

About Us

We are part of the Engineering Group, the largest Italian Digital Transformation company with 12,000 employees worldwide, more than 40 offices and more than one billion euro in annual revenues.

We support around 1,000 cities of all sizes in the digital transformation process by creating innovative services through private investments and the absorption of operational risk

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