Infoparking management

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Innovative parking solutions


Mobility management, especially in the busiest areas of the city, inevitably affects commercial and social activities. The spaces dedicated to parking are often insufficient and vehicles circulating in search of available parking spots cause traffic jams and inconvenience. The lack of a complete and timely overview of the occupation status of parking spots has a negative impact on the ability of the managing bodies to analyze the parking system and plan any necessary changes.

An exact and real-time overview of available parking spaces

The sensors placed in each parking spot detect whether or not they are free or occupied. The information is collected by INES Cloud, which integrates it to provide a complete and updated real-time overview of the available parking spots. Such information, which is shared with citizens, makes it possible to direct drivers to available parking spots, thus reducing traffic and urban pollution.

Automatic system for verifying parking permits

Our sensors evolve towards new features to solve the need to monitor the use of parking spaces and to verify the required parking permits and their validity. Manual control of vehicles is no longer essential. The data collected by the sensors are aggregated and verified by INES Cloud, which indicates the vehicles to be sanctioned.

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