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In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 33/2013 (Reorganization of the discipline regarding the right of civic access and the obligations of publicity, transparency, and information dissemination by public administrations), associations, foundations, and private law entities, even without legal personality, with a budget exceeding five hundred thousand euros, that perform administrative functions, produce goods and services for public administrations, or manage public services, are required, with regard to data and documents related to activities of public interest regulated by national or European Union law, to ensure essential levels of transparency for their activities of public interest.

Municipia Spa, a company within the Engineering Group, complies with the obligations provided for in the Transparent Company section, where all the information required by the regulations is published and freely accessible.

Grants, Contributions, Subsidies, and Economic Benefits

Municipia Spa has not received grants, contributions, subsidies, or any other form of financial benefits.

Financial Statements

The financial statements of the companies are public. For more information, you can visit the Chambers of Commerce or visit the website

Controls and Inspections on the Authority

The Supervisory Body  performs functions similar to those of the Independent Evaluation Body pursuant to art. 14, paragraph 4, letter g) of Legislative Decree no. 150/2009 and ANAC Resolutions no. 50/2013, no. 77/2013, no. 1310/2016, and no. 236/2017. The Supervisory Body of Municipia Spa was appointed by the Board of Directors; the same body has been tasked with overseeing the information obligations related to transparency as provided by Legislative Decree 33/2013 and ANAC Resolution no. 201 of 13/04/2022.

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