About Us

Municipia is part of the Engineering Group, the largest Italian digital transformation company. We support cities of all sizes in the digital transformation process by creating innovative services through private investments and the absorption of operational risk.

“We augment cities” by acting on: Sustainability (financial and environmental), Safety, Mobility, Welfare and Interactivity.

Augmented City: our vision of Smart City

Municipalities are the foundations of our society and the institution in which citizens place their expectations. Transforming urban centers into Augmented Cities means creating more efficient, safe, sustainable places to live, work, and invest.


Municipia manages essential services for Municipalities by participating in management risks, using project funding and contributing with economic, professional and technological resources.


The research and innovation laboratories of the Engineering Group ensure specialised solutions in the management of processes, procedures and in the concrete development of technology for the territory.


What distinguishes Municipia is a wealth of knowledge and expertise unique in Italy, capable of enabling the digital transformation of local public services in line with the requirements of the Digital Agenda.

Municipia in numbers

30operational offices
1Software Factory of Proprietary Solutions
510Municipalities served
1250Cities for which, in our history, we have developed projects & services
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