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Innovating in public services means completely rethinking processes, making public management simpler, more efficient, transparent, safer, and less expensive. Those who, like us, work alongside thousands of municipalities of all sizes know how crucial it is for organisations to be able to count on effective guidance to improve these processes, using cutting-edge methods and tools in key sectors such as taxation, mobility, social services, tourism and culture, safety, urban hygiene, infrastructure maintenance. This is how the transformation from Smart City to Augmented City takes place.


Tax and Revenue Management

Revenue management is not only the tool for collecting the necessary resources, but it constitutes the basis for the city’s socio-economic policy decisions. Through a precise knowledge of subjects, objects and productive activities which create the tax base, the Municipality can obtain valuable information for a true data driven governance. The purposes are not only of a fiscal nature but can be extended to social impact assessments, as part of a broader concept of welfare which stems from the knowledge of the actual situation of the territory and of the people. The indispensable tool today is a single database which allows an integrated view of the debt and credit relations, with integrated operating systems and processes, in order to further improve the performance and results envisaged by the Authority, thanks to fully digitized processes. Municipia has more than 20 years of experience in the Revenue sector thanks to systems which allow maximizing knowledge of the territory and minimizing errors.

Energy efficiency

Innovating cities to help reduce their consumption, reduce pollution, free up economic resources and provide information and innovative services via mobile devices to citizens and businesses. Municipia offers a new system of digital public services integrated on smart lighting (public lighting) and smart buildings (schools, sports facilities, ERP Social Housing) which associates the reduction of consumption – water, electricity and heat – to new services for citizens.

Digital Waste

Through IoT technologies for the management of waste collection, transport and disposal, Municipia supports Municipalities, Multi-utilities and companies in the sector by fully integrating the administrative, financial and control functions with the operational and planning activities of the entire supply chain. A series of actions aimed at enhancing and protecting the environment as well as at the prevention/management of risks and critical issues.


Urban safety

Urban security, a predominant theme in public opinion and in the political and social debate on city government, goes beyond the concept of security and public order. Municipia is able to create an infrastructure to support urban, road and social safety, through the installation of networks of sensors and cameras, smart urban furnishings, variable message panels, new generation sensors strategically positioned and capable of detecting events and recording different types of information and movements in order to analyze the phenomena of the territory more effectively and thus to support decision-making processes.


Smart Mobility

Municipia designs and develops hardware, software and IoT technologies to give life to Smart Mobility, Smart Parking and City Logistics projects. Thanks to the suite of integrated and modular products, based on Cloud, sensing and RFID technologies, it creates innovative and return-on-investment solutions. Solutions which optimise access, payment and control systems, road safety, the environmental impact of urban mobility through the design and management of LTZ with public-private partnership and project financing formulas.

Products and Solutions

Smart Public Transport

Municipia enables innovation in strategies, organization and management of Local Public Transport, the backbone of a new collective, shared and sustainable mobility. A comprehensive and innovative offer of services and solutions to improve efficiency and streamlining operations, enhance the human capital and its focus on the purpose, raise data integration and security, improve the passenger experience and the transport network connectivity in digital ecosystems of cities.



Municipia offers solutions – also in outsourcing – to ensure greater effectiveness, activation of resources, control of tax evasion and avoidance, simplification of procedures, increase in essential levels of service, expansion of the catchment area and new services for a community welfare which translates into concrete benefits for the PA, citizens and stakeholders: knowledge of the territory and of its real economic and social needs;  inclusion of the service sector in territorial planning; cost reduction and efficiency of entry items; spending efficiency measures and monitoring of the provision on the territory; implementation of the service so that it can be offered to more citizens and be a driving force for the local economy; integration between the various sectors of the PA: from a welfare perspective to that of a project through inclusion strategies, advanced digital skills, easier access to funds, management and monitoring of the entire social framework.



Online services

Municipia implements its solutions in order to accelerate the digital transformation path of local Authorities, allowing operators to access applications and services from any place and at any time and ensuring an operational continuity for the activities carried out by municipal employees and for their use via the web by citizens and businesses. In this context, the jEnte suite, simple to use, protected and customisable, is provided in the cloud according to the AGID guidelines, to rationalise, optimise and facilitate the entire management of the local Administration and its companies.


Culture and Tourism

The solutions offered by Municipia develop a new way of accessing and using tourist and cultural spaces and events, safely and even remotely. The use of enabling technologies (augmented and virtual reality) makes the story more democratic, immersive, sensorial and customisable, offering innovative ways of representing and enjoying the material and immaterial historical-cultural heritage of the community and seamless user experiences, without discontinuity in the transition between physical and virtual environments.

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