Tourist bus management

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The integrated solution for all permit phases


Cities regulate the access of tourist buses in order to reduce the impact on traffic and pollution levels. Existing parking infrastructures are often not adequately exploited due to a lack of reservation systems that take into account the actual availability of parking spots. At the same time, manual control activities are not sufficient to guarantee the validity of all the permits in use and to intercept the unauthorized use of permits beyond the established limits. Inefficient management may result in losses of up to 40% of potential revenue. This is why cities need more effective systems for managing tourist buses, check point services, and all related control operations.

Digitization and automation of the management process

The central INES Cloud platform integrates the management of transit and parking permits for tourist buses: purchases and reservations are made online (web/mobile) before arrival, thus reducing the number of operations at the check point ticket counter and optimizing the available parking infrastructure. Through the RFID Mobility Passes and the RFID Mobility Gate, it is possible to verify the exact time of entry and the actual duration of the stay, and to automatically identify any violations. Updated information on the availability of parking spaces and the number of vehicles already authorized for transit allows employees to maintain a sustainable level of traffic. The analysis of tourist traffic data collected and aggregated by INES Cloud is a valid means to support decisions regarding future planning solutions.

Online reservations and sales

Web and mobile payment systems can be easily integrated. Users can request permits online and purchase and renew them without going to the ticket counter. The digitalization of the sales process moves up to 60% of the user load online, thus helping

Parking control

The integration of handheld devices makes it possible to check parking validity in real time and to aggregate all of the different work flows: sanctions made by personnel are synchronized directly with INES Cloud, by eliminating double data entry. Automated exports also make it possible to outsource the collection process.

Access control

RFID Gates make it possible to manage both inbound and outbound vehicle traffic. In combination with INES Cloud and with license plate recognition cameras, it is possible to automate sanction management and to reduce back office activities.

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