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Smart tools for smarter cities

We revolutionize the control and management of urban mobility, making it possible to share necessary information directly with those who need it: the citizens.

With our modular products it is possible to easily manage and monitor the existing infrastructure and to enhance it with a new network of sensors with the aim of transforming the city into a real Augmented City.


INES Cloud: a single platform to manage parking and mobility

Mobility management

It is possible to manage aspects of mobility, including congestion charges, parking lots, or city logistics, as well as integrating existing infrastructure such as parking meters with wireless technology.   Additionally, it is possible to sell products and revenue can be easily monitored with the integration of online and offline payment tools. Thanks to APIs – mobile devices for road control workflows are also automated and the longest and most repetitive tasks are reduced.

Analysis and reporting

With more than 100 different reports, INES Cloud makes it possible to monitor all aspects related to mobility in real time, including the occupation of individual parking spots, traffic flows, and revenue. Tools for analyzing the data history make it possible to collect statistics with which to plan and manage mobility infrastructure more efficiently and to better understand the needs of the city in advance.

APIs and connectivity

By integrating INES Cloud with the existing infrastructure, it is possible to reduce all of the management tools currently in use to a single platform. INES Cloud has multiple APIs for the integration of different types of infrastructure, such as parking sensors, parking meters, or access gates. It gathers infrastructure information and distributes any new configurations relating to pricing or updates on access permits to restricted areas.

Smart sanctions: controls and reports at your fingertips

It can easily verify the validity of parking and access permits in real time via devices and mobile applications for road control. Thanks to RFID technology and integration with INES Cloud, verification times per vehicle are extremely short and any sanctions are issued and printed on the spot.

Mobility Pass & Mobility Gate: smart access and payments

These tools allow for flexible and integrated management of the access control of different categories of vehicles and users (commercial vehicles, tourist buses, residents, disabled individuals, etc.) in various urban areas, thus allowing real-time monitoring.

Parking Spot Sensor: monitor and manage parking the best way possible

The system is based on ultrasonic sensors designed, manufactured, and covered by patent in order to monitor and control the occupation status of parking spots.

TAP & PARK: parking in three clicks

Don’t have any coins? With  Tap&Park you no longer need to have any in your car or in your pocket. Were you parked less than expected? You can stop it whenever you want and we will refund any unused credit. Is your parking time about to expire or does it need to be prolonged? There’s no need to go back to your car.
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