Smart Land in Valmalenco

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The first 4.0 valley in Italy in the Alpine area

5 December 2023 by Best Practices


The I.T.I. project (Integrated Territorial Investment) “In Valmalenco”, for the smart and sustainable development of the territory, involves four municipalities in the Lombardy valley (Chiesa in Valmalenco, Caspoggio, Lanzada, Spriana), together with Municipia and CISA, the companies awarded the project financing services for the management of the project over the next 7 years, under the Lombardy Region for the signing of the AQST – Territorial Development Framework Agreement as a governance tool.

It is the first Italian I.T.I. activated in the Alpine area and will see the municipalities collaborate for local development from the point of view of infrastructure, economic, cultural, social and environmental attractiveness, cohesion and common identity, always in the sign of sustainability.

The model is based on 6 main “thematic corridors”: Mobility, Water, Energy Efficiency, Territorial Development and Regeneration, Quality of Life and Digitalization.

The elaboration of the collected data has made it possible to classify over 100 projects that have been grouped into a functional matrix and divided by “corridor”.


We presented a project financing to the municipalities proposing ourselves, together with CISA, to support the entities in the implementation of the entire program. We are therefore an “accelerator” that guarantees the implementation of strategic projects, becoming the link between the strategic vision of the municipalities and the implementation of the projects.

The project financing involves the realization and management of a technological infrastructure and cross-project data collection. The entities that will carry out the various projects will therefore be obliged to use the project platforms or, alternatively, to transfer all the data considered necessary and indicated in the various project assignment procedures.

The main platform we will make available is the Digital Enabler, as well as a series of digital solutions and services for citizens and municipal employees (ARGO).

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