Digital Management of Mobility and Access to the Historical Center of Bologna

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Software solution for managing parking permits and access to restricted traffic zones.

19 October 2023 by Best Practices


The Municipality of Bologna (Sustainable Mobility and Infrastructure Sector) needs to regularly update rules for issuing, renewing, and using parking and access permits, managing the complexity of numerous existing permit types.

The project’s first goal was to replace the old permit management software, limited in functionality and based on obsolete technologies, with a more modern, scalable, and configurable platform. The second goal is to gradually shift citizen services from in-person to online, reducing reliance on physical offices.


The project, in its original form, includes two web applications (one used by operators to manage the life cycle of permits, and the other by department personnel for system configuration) and a series of automated procedures to integrate and keep the database aligned with various external systems (population registry, motorization services, remote control systems, etc.).

The system undergoes continuous evolution: it is currently integrated with additional software in the municipality’s ecosystem (e.g., document management system, online forms application, New Civic Network). Numerous online services and applications have also been developed (plate change for citizens with disabilities, online services for residents and parking permit holders, online application for permits for hybrid vehicles, etc.) based on more recent technologies.

Further online services are under development (e.g., online issuance of permits for electric vehicles), and a new management dashboard is being created to monitor key system features and efficiently plan the implementation of new services for citizens.

Next year, the Green Area, a paid environmental restricted traffic zone, will be activated to reduce pollution and local traffic. SARA will be enhanced with a rule-based system and integrated with remote control systems for managing access to the Green Area.

Currently, SARA manages approximately 260,000 active access and parking permits associated with about 280,000 vehicles, with a history of over 800,000 permits.


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