Pisa: state-of-the-art smart mobility

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Smart mobility up to standard

11 January 2021 by Best Practices


Pisa is one of the most visited and artistic cities in the world and it represents the main airport hub in Tuscany, as well as boasting a university center known for its scientific and technological excellence.    The city was completely congested, with an average monthly influx of 300,000 tourists. In particular, such traffic not only affected the historic center but all access routes. To maintain an acceptable level of traffic in the most frequented areas of the city center and main connecting roadways, an LTZ which could be configured based on different time slots and user types (tourists, residents, personnel, workers in charge of loading and unloading goods, etc.) was required. Objective: to optimize and digitize the various management and control processes for both mobility and parking, thereby rationalizing revenues.


Pisa has revolutionized its mobility management by digitizing all the services and control activities and centralizing all administrative aspects thanks to INES Cloud. Users can independently request, purchase, and renew parking permits and access to LTZs online or via the web, depending on the category of user. The acquired rights are associated with the personal PisaPass, an RFID card that abolishes traditional paper permits and facilitates all control and monitoring operations. Roadside personnel, equipped with PDA and RFID readers, can immediately verify the validity of permits thanks to the integration of the INES Cloud and, if necessary, they can issue sanctions. Access to LTZs is also monitored with RFID technology: the gates identify the pass on board the vehicle and record its entry and exit, and this information collected by the  INES Cloud makes it possible to immediately identify any unauthorized use. The central platform of INES Cloud integrates the management of transit and parking permits for tourist buses: reserving and purchasing permits can be done online before arrival, resulting in a significant reduction in operations at the ticket counter and the maximum optimization of the parking infrastructure available. Tap and Park is the mobile app for parking payments.


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