URBREATH: addressing urban climate neutrality in European cities

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Enhancing social interactions, inclusion, and liveability in cities leveraging NBSs, Local Digital Twin and Social Innovation

11 March 2024 by Best Practices


The increase in extreme weather events, such as floods and heat waves, is due to climate change that makes cities increasingly vulnerable environments and accentuates social problems such as poverty and exclusion. The lack of quality NBS makes the situation worse, especially in those neglected urban areas where there is an urgent need for social and technological revitalization in order to improve the quality of life.

Up to now, the prevailing approach to green revitalization and planning is often reduced to cost/profit criteria that often do not give a return on investment, failing to attract funding, people and businesses to these areas. The conventional approach also tends to neglect the needs of local communities and thus often ends up imposing solutions that are not socially acceptable.

URBREATH proposes a more comprehensive, innovative and replicable paradigm shift at regional, national and cross-border levels.


URBREATH’s vision is to develop, implement, demonstrate, validate and replicate a comprehensive, community participation and NBS-driven urban revitalisation, resilience and climate neutrality paradigm that will ultimately radically enhance social interaction, inclusion, equitability and liveability in cities.

Engineering plays a crucial role in the project, designing the overall solution, providing key technologies, and being responsible for the implementation of the reference technology stack to be tailored and deployed in the pilots.

The project has received co-funding from the Horizon Europe programme – Contract No. 101139711 HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-CITIES-01

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