Naples: a new urban mobility

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Smart Mobility and Smart Parking in the sun

19 January 2021 by Best Practices


Naples is the number one city in Italy by population density, with an area including 92 municipalities over 1,171 km², over 200,000 registered businesses, and tens of thousands of cars that pass through it every day. This rather complex situation often results in inefficiencies and inconvenience to citizens. Faced with the need to regulate this flow of vehicles and to coordinate a growing number of technologies/services from different suppliers, ANM – Azienda Napoletana Mobilità S.p.A. has decided to focus on an integrated system of efficient, flexible, and quick-to-use mobility management:   INES Cloud, the platform that allows for the integration of hardware and software technologies in order to facilitate the management of urban mobility processes and services.


The solutions implemented for ANM – Azienda Napoletana Mobilità are:

  • INES Cloud BSS to manage the processes of issuing mobility and parking permits, including sales from a ticket counter or from a designated website;
  • INES Cloud–ParkingHub, the specialized service for centralization and control of digital parking payment systems provided by various retailers;

Tap and Park, a white-label mobile app to pay for parking without additional fees owed by users, perfectly integrated with the city’s pricing system;

  • Smart Sanctions, a mobile app for control and sanctioning activities dedicated to roadside control workers;
  • Naples Pass, a card equipped with UHF RFID for parking permits and passes used by residents;
  • UHF RFID Gates, an access control system based on UHF RFID and integrated with the parking systems of the Centro Direzionale which allows residents with a Naples Pass to access and reserve parking spots in free flow mode.
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