Monza: no more disability parking abuse

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Integration and automation of the management and control of permits for disabled people requirement

19 January 2021 by Best Practices


The Municipality of Monza needed to combat the issue of counterfeiting and the unauthorized use of parking and mobility permits reserved for disabled people.
Card verification performed  by road control personnel took a long time without being totally effective. Workflows related to the management of permits and control activities were all distinct and required redundant data entry activities while not allowing for an aggregate overview of the whole workflow.
In addition to road control, Monza hypothesized that it could also automate the control of LTZ access and the preferential traffic lanes used by disabled people.


The Municipality of Monza has replaced the old disabled cards with the new CUDE (European unified disabled card)  and has equipped them with RFID electronic tags. The tags make permits impossible to counterfeit and allows for real-time verification both by the manual devices used by personnel in charge of road control and by automatic devices such as the RFID Gates for access to LTZs or preferential lanes.
Citizens entitled to CUDE submit their requests to the office in charge where the whole request, registration, and distribution process is managed with INES Cloud. The card is printed with the user data and is equipped with an RFID tag. The CUDE is personal and citizens in possession of it are authorized to park in the city and access LTZs in any declared vehicle, simply by placing the CUDE on the dashboard.
The road control personnel reads the tag using the application and an RFID reader: the identification of the permit and verification of its validity are performed on the spot thanks to the integration of all the control devices with the INES Cloud platform. Automation of the control and aggregation of all the different workflows makes it possible to reduce the times involved and to simplify all activities.


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