Florence: city of art and smart mobility

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Digitization of urban mobility and parking management processes

19 January 2021 by Best Practices


The Municipality of Florence, through the subsidiary Servizi alla Strada SpA, needed to simplify and improve the management of mobility within the city.
In particular, it needed to address the technological fragmentation of services and systems; to integrate the financial flows resulting from this sector; to digitize the mobility processes related to the management of permits for loading/unloading goods and for individuals, residents, disabled people, and tourist buses, as well as to manage commercial channels, such as the citizen services counter, the website, and mobile apps connected to the city’s mobility services.


Florence has revolutionized all aspects of city mobility management and control, parking, and related permits, centralizing all operating activities in a perfectly integrated ecosystem, based on the INES Cloud.
Thanks to a single and completely centralized platform, the solution makes it possible to manage and control all aspects of mobility and parking in a metropolitan area with over 1 million inhabitants.
With more than 100 different reports, INES Cloud makes it possible to monitor all aspects related to mobility in real time, including the occupation of individual parking spots, traffic flows, and revenue. Tools for analyzing the data history make it possible to collect statistical data with which to plan and manage mobility infrastructure more efficiently and to better understand the needs of the city in advance.
The digitization of Florence’s mobility guarantees more transparent management and a significant increase in revenues. The efficiency of the offered services and control activities has already allowed over 25 cities to achieve important results in terms of return on investment, increase in revenues, and reduction in traffic.
During this process of digitization and innovation of the Florence mobility management system, various technological solutions and applications connected to the  INES Cloud have been implemented:

  • for process and sales channel management;
  • for the management and resale of parking through multiple mobile apps, such as Infoparking (real time and predictive);
  • for the management of reserved areas, authorization requests, and digital payments;
  • mobile app for parking payments and renewing subscriptions;
  • for controls and sanctioning.

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