Digital Administration in Rome

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Our digital systems simplify the Italian capital’s administrative and accounting processes

21 January 2021 by Best Practices


Our innovative solutions and technologies come together for Roma Capitale, the special authority entrusted with the sole and autonomous administration of the municipal area of the city of Rome, covering 1285.31 km².

Managing these dimensions, in an urban context as complex as that of Rome, requires cutting-edge e-government tools capable of facilitating and supporting all of the administration’s activities. Our Municipia team accompanies the authority in its technological evolution and in the continuous improvement of its processes through different projects, contributing substantially to the streamlining, evolution and rationalization of workflows of the entire administrative machine that is municipal Rome.

Among the various projects on which we collaborated with Roma Capitale, one involved our support for the authority in the renewal of its management processes, as well as in the digital transformation of the accounting and internal control system used by Rome’s 15 municipalities, with a total base of 4.500 potential key users.



The project, launched as part of the SGI-Consip Framework Contract, initiated a process to replace the current SAP accounting solution with a web-based platform, designed and implemented according to the organizational and operational models already adopted by Roma Capitale. The initiative included full coverage of strategic planning, operational management and reporting to the central bodies of the Italian state. All this, through a system perfectly integrated with the information systems of the administration and its primary software platforms.

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