General Civic Access

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Any person has the right to access data and documents beyond those subject to publication, within the limits related to the protection of legally relevant interests, as provided for in Article 5 bis of Legislative Decree No. 33/2013 and in the ANAC Guidelines – Resolution No. 1309/2016 adopted in accordance with Article 5-bis, paragraph 6, of Legislative Decree 33/2016.

This type of civic access is intended to promote widespread forms of control over the pursuit of institutional functions and the use of public resources, and to encourage participation in public debate (Article 5, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree No. 33/2013).

Generalized civic access can, therefore, be exercised regarding data and documents beyond those for which there is already a specific obligation of publication.

Requests for generalized civic access are not subject to limitations regarding the legitimacy of the requester, do not require motivation, and are free of charge.

Applications can be submitted to Municipia Spa by sending a request to the following email address: The subject of the electronic communication should be: ‘Generalized Civic Access Request’.

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