T-Systems: Smart Parking in Germany

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An app to locate, book and pay for parking directly from your smartphone

21 January 2021 by Best Practices


The goal of T-Systems was to create a 100% digital solution for managing the entire parking process, from searching for a parking space to booking and paying: Park and Joy, which is available in some 50 German cities.


Engineering role was to provide Park and Joy’s back-office and front-end enabling technological components. The back-office, based on INES Cloud, is responsible for managing users, tariffs and transactions, and in particular makes it possible to:

  • Enter and update the tariffs in force in the city, organized by tariff areas established by municipal regulations
  • Make payments by credit card or directly with your telephone credit
  • Provide city administrations with a dashboard containing statistics and reports on payments made
  • Transmit, thanks to specific APIs, information on parking purchased by users so that they can be consulted by inspection staff.

The front-end consists of two iOS and Android mobile apps, completely developed completely from scratch, starting from the Tap & Park experience, with an extremely user-friendly interface for providing the end user with an impeccable service.

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