MyPaaS: Mobility as a Service

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Innovative and sustainable solutions for a new concept of urban context

15 December 2021 by


We are living in the age of sharing economy, mobile systems and intelligent transportation, trends that lead us to see MaaS – Mobility as a Service – as the new frontier of urban mobility. It is a mobility model in which users’ needs are met by a single integrated service provider that combines transport infrastructures, travel information and payment services.

Municipia – Engineering Group has tested some MaaS solutions through two pilot sites: Cagliari and Naples. The ambition is to contribute to the improvement of urban mobility and sustainability.


In detail, the project includes the following activities:

  • creating, testing and spreading technologies aimed at integrating all the various systems (planning, pricing, booking, payment) that enable new forms of mobility as a service
  • developing, through Artificial Intelligence and predictive analysis techniques, models that process user behavior in order to intercept demand for mobility and to provide planning functions for the Public Administration
  • developing and validating innovative business models for MaaS systems
  • identifying and promoting the regulatory and legal framework for the development and implementation of MaaS schemes at national level.
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