Areas of intervention

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Innovating in public services means completely rethinking processes, making public management simpler, more efficient, transparent, safer, more sustainable, and less expensive. Those who, like us, work alongside thousands of municipalities of all sizes know how crucial it is for organisations to be able to count on effective guidance to improve these processes, using cutting-edge methods and tools in key sectors such as taxation, mobility, social services, tourism and culture, safety, urban hygiene, infrastructure maintenance. This is how the transformation from Smart City to Augmented City takes place in order to build a “new normal”.

Environment and territory

Through IoT technologies for the management of waste collection, transport and disposal, Municipia supports Municipalities, Multi-utilities and companies in the sector by fully integrating the administrative, financial and control functions with the operational and planning activities of the entire supply chain. A series of actions aimed at enhancing and protecting the environment as well as at the prevention/management of risks and critical issues.

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Open and Big Data

With a view to Data Driven Governance, Municipia works alongside the Administrations in order to create an “integrated digital model” that provides software and systems, services, thematic, process and technological support to govern big data and to extract valuable information from these. A fundamental objective for the local PA to understand the needs of citizens, analyse social and urban transformations, promote new services, set development strategies and give concrete answers.


Municipalities must promote social inclusion, guarantee adequate services for all, the same degree of assistance and quality of services. With a view to community welfare, Municipia offers a range of solutions – including in outsourcing – ranging from the management of shopping vouchers to the computerised management of social records and the procedures for requesting, granting and providing services; passing through the cross-check and analysis of databases in order to create a system which reconstructs, from a social and economic point of view, the situation of each citizen and family unit so as to map conditions of hardship and be able to intervene promptly.

Culture and Tourism

The solutions offered by Municipia develop a new way of accessing and using tourist and cultural spaces and events, safely and even remotely. The use of enabling technologies (augmented and virtual reality) makes the story more democratic, immersive, sensorial and customisable, offering innovative ways of representing and enjoying the material and immaterial historical-cultural heritage of the community and seamless user experiences, without discontinuity in the transition between physical and virtual environments.

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With the decline of derivative finance, local Authorities must find – mainly autonomously – the sources to be used to achieve the institutional objectives and to ensure the services operate. Revenue management is therefore a fundamental hub for the correct operation of the city. Thanks to Municipia’s innovative projects and technological solutions, it is possible to do so, ensuring fiscal equity, centrality of the citizen, planning and control of resources.


Municipia designs and develops hardware, software and IoT technologies to give life to Smart Mobility, Smart Parking and City Logistics projects. Thanks to the suite of integrated and modular products, based on Cloud, sensing and RFID technologies, it creates innovative and return-on-investment solutions. Solutions which optimise access, payment and control systems, road safety, the environmental impact of urban mobility through the design and management of ZTL (traffic-restricted zones) with public-private partnership and project financing formulas. In order to enhance the offer, Municipia has acquired 100% of Kiunsys, specialised in HW, SW and IoT technology in the sector.

Products and Solutions


Municipia offers solutions that allow remote training and assistance through immersive reality applications, systems and games for learning supported by 3D, augmented and virtual reality technology. It also guarantees high-performance and safe buildings in terms of the healthiness of the premises, of the environmental impact, the control of spaces and of attendance in real time.

Urban safety

For citizens, having a high quality of life also means feeling safer. Municipia offers effective and technologically advanced answers to reduce the sense of insecurity and the potential dangers in the city thanks to tools which analyse the big data collected from the urban environment, and to the implementation of integrated active safety solutions. The application of new technologies, real-time knowledge of what is happening and data-based predictions give life to a new urban security, closer to citizens, more functional to the decisions to be made and to an improved control of the territory


Energy efficiency

Local governments pay increasing attention to energy efficiency policies, however, many Authorities still do not have a system capable of measuring/predicting consumption and of applying energy saving logics combined with use of the IoT. This is the reason Municipia develops energy efficiency technological projects (from public lighting to home automation for buildings) with the aim of “creating infrastructures” within the city in order to reduce energy consumption and pollution and to free up economic resources.

Infrastructure and heritage

A better management of public assets and infrastructures is essential for the efficiency of the municipal economy. Municipia provides a systematic approach through IT and information solutions and acts as an enabler of outsourcing of census services and creation of databases and digitisation of the heritage, control, updating and collection of lease/concession contracts, management of the integrated urban facility, enhancement of public land, management of building permissions and declarations and access to digital documents, cemetery services and compulsory collection.

Online services

Municipia implements its solutions in order to accelerate the digital transformation path of local Authorities, allowing operators to access applications and services from any place and at any time and ensuring an operational continuity for the activities carried out by municipal employees and for their use via the web by citizens and businesses. In this context, the jEnte suite, simple to use, protected and customisable, is provided in the cloud according to the AGID guidelines, to rationalise, optimise and facilitate the entire management of the local Administration and its companies.


Local economy

Local Authorities must deal with the continuous requests by the territory to tackle the daily challenges related to development and economic growth. Municipia supports the Administrations in the development of strategies in order to support the sector: from the logistics of goods to the development of innovative methods for their exchange, local promotion, the increase of services and economic support for businesses, including by creating interactive platforms for data aggregation and analysis.

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