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We are part of the Engineering Group, the Digital Transformation Company, leader in Italy and expanding its global footprint, with around 12,000 associates and over with over 40 offices.

We support around 1,000 cities of all sizes in the digital transformation process by creating innovative services through private investments and the absorption of operational risk.

Experience, reliability and innovative capabilities allow us to collaborate with Municipalities throughout the world, to support local governments in implementing their urban strategies and transforming the Administration. The goal is to make the city more sustainable by improving public services, focusing on the experience of the person.



We manage services for Authorities and their citizens, achieving greater levels of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and sustainability through digital technology. We also intervene with public-private partnerships and project financing formulas with investments and risks borne by us and participation in the benefits deriving from the increase in revenues and the decrease in costs.

We add value to existing investments and technologies, making available our experience and the technological solutions of the Engineering Group. We intervene both with vertical initiatives and with cross-cutting projects in order to improve the quality of life in the city and to simplify the relationship between public administrations and citizens.

We augment cities” by acting on:

  • Sustainability (financial and environmental)
  • Safety
  • Mobility
  • Welfare
  • Interactivity


Personnel and Organisation General Management: Piazzale dell’Agricoltura, 24 – 00144 Rome (RM) – Italy

Phone +39 06.87591

Registered office: Via Adriano Olivetti, 7 – 38122 Trento (TN) – Italy

Mail to: municipia@eng.it

PEC: municipia@pec.eng.it ; municipia.servizipec@legalmail.it

VAT no.: 01973900838

Qualifications and certifications

  • qualification to manage tax liquidation and assessment, tax and other income collection activities for Provinces and Municipalities according to art. 53 of L. Decree no 446 dated 15 December 1997;
  • licence for exercising debt recovery activities on behalf of third parties, pursuant to art. 15 of the T.U.L.P.S. (Italian Consolidated Law on Public Security);
  • Environmental Management system certification for activities carried out in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 standard;
  • quality system certification in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard in sectors EA 33 and EA 35 for the provision of IT consulting services and the implementation of application solutions: analysis, design development, installation and start-up of application solutions, training, maintenance, system integration. Provision of technical and application consulting services, support services for tax evasion searches for Local Public Administrations. Provision of services for the assessment, verification and collection of Taxes, including the collection of tax and non-tax/financial revenues;
  • information Security Management System certification in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard in sectors EA 33 and EA 35 for the design, development and maintenance of software in the collection sector and for the provision of tax evasion search services for the Local Public Administration; the assessment, verification and collection of Taxes, including the collection of tax, non-tax/financial revenues;
  • UNI ISO 45001:2018 certification “Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements and guide for use.” The objective behind the formulation of the new ISO 45001 is to provide a globally recognised reference standard for the occupational health and safety management system which, compared to current standards, can provide unambiguous guidelines in the context of the international market. As this is an ISO standard, it has been developed according to the guidelines of the High Level Structure (HLS), ensuring complete alignment with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards so as to facilitate the adoption of integrated management systems, required by companies and stakeholders.

Our approach: Public and Private together to create value

“The public-private partnership is an increasingly effective tool for the Public Administration, with benefits from the point of view of savings for the institution and the improvement of services for citizens. We manage essential services for Municipalities by participating in risks, using project funding and contributing with economic, professional and technological resources”.

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Engineering ecosystem

Engineering Group is the Digital Transformation Company, leader in Italy and expanding its global footprint, with around 12,000 associates and with over 40 offices.

The Engineering Group, consisting of over 20 companies in 12 countries, has been supporting the continuous evolution of companies and organizations for more than 40 years, thanks to a deep understanding of business processes in all market segments, fully leveraging the opportunities offered by advanced digital technologies and proprietary solutions.

It integrates best-of-breed market solutions, managed services, and continues to expand its expertise through M&As and partnerships with leading technology players. The Group strongly invests both in innovation, through its R&I division, and in human capital, with the internal IT & Management Academy. Engineering is a key player in the creation of digital ecosystems that bridge the gap between different markets, while developing composable solutions that ultimately foster a continuous Business transformation.


Engineering D.HUB is Engineering’s new digital services platform to support Digital Transformation. It offers innovative solutions such as the cloud, robotic process automation, next generation service desks with chatbots and digital agents, IoT solutions, biometric recognition, “as a service” solutions for proprietary vertical applications of customers and partners, supporting an innovation which revolutionises corporate processes and supports new digital business models.


An exclusive asset on the national scene is the “Enrico Della Valle” IT & Management Academy of Engineering with more than 400 courses, more than 1.000 certifications and more than 15.000 training days.


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